Fall 2019 Classes

The fall adult classes begin September 8 with introductory brunches in each class.

Our adult education programs exist not only for increasing knowledge, but also for enhancing community. For this reason, we’ve planned a rotation of teachers and topics that will circulate through our different adult groups.

Adult Bible Fellowship

Topic: Discipled by the Master
Teacher: Randy Hepler
Location: Gathering Room

Triple Room Class

Topic: The Life of Christ in the Gospels
Teacher: Rich Goswiller
Location: Adult Triple Room (6A,B,C)

Double Room Class

Topic: 1 Samuel
Teacher: Joe Whalen
Location: Double Room (3A,B)

Vine & Branches together with the Women’s Class

Topic: Biblical Worship
Teacher: various worship leaders
Location: Lower Level


Our adult Sunday morning classes are a time for community and learning when adults can gather to study a variety of topics, whether it be a book of Scripture or ways to apply the Bible to all of life. Teachers start promptly at 9:00 AM.