Adult Sunday School

Adult Sunday School is a more informal time when adults can gather and study a variety of topics, whether it be a book of Scripture or ways to apply the Bible to all of life. Classes meet at 8:45 AM.

Fall 2018 Classes

Women’s Class

From the back cover: “The Titus 2 Model of older women living out the gospel and training younger women to do the same is vital.  It’s how we all thrive, how we are adorned, and how we adorn the gospel… together.  Imagine older women investing themselves in the lives of younger women, blessing whole families and churches.  Imagine younger women widening their circle to include women who’ve walked further down the road.  Imagine women of all ages and seasons being transformed by the gospel, displaying its beauty, and making it believable to those around them.  This rich study of the instructions to women in Titus 2 provides a road map to help you experience the kind of community and influence God designed you to have in the church and the world.”    

Teachers: Team Taught
Topic: ADORNED: Living out the Beauty of the Gospel, by Nancy DeMoss
Hosts: Deborah Kurtz & Suzanne Welsh
Location: New Gathering Room

Triple Room Class

Living in a sinful world and struggling with sin in our own lives, we are bound to encounter conflict in our marriages, our families, our neighborhoods, and our work places. As Christians, we were enemies of God, yet he has reconciled us to himself through the death and resurrection of his son, Jesus. This class will study how the Gospel applied in our life is essential in resolving conflict, reconciliation,  and peacemaking.

Teacher: Joe Whalen
Topic: Gospel Driven Peacemaking
Hosts: Chris & Melissa Palladino
Location: Room 6

 Sanctuary Class

A Look at the Messianic Servant Songs in the Book of Isaiah

 Is Jesus in the Old Testament? And, if so, where would we find Him? Well, the answer is that He is to be found everywhere in the Old Testament. But one of the most vivid examples would be the four "Servant Songs" that are recorded in the Book of Isaiah. In these "songs" we will explore the person, life, ministry, and sacrificial offering of Jesus according to Isaiah -- revealed some 700 years before He even came into the world. These songs are full of profound insight into our Savior, and studying them will enrich your spiritual life. 

Teacher: Rich Goswiller
Topic: The Servant Song of Isaiah
Hosts: Bill & Wendy Fulbright
Location: Sanctuary

 Vine & Branches

Vine & Branches seeks to connect young adults to Christ as we abide in Him. This ministry seeks to foster a community for everyone from a recent high school graduate to young married couples with children.

 “Joshua was a soldier. He was a brilliant soldier; one of the most extraordinary military commanders of all time. But he was not an exciting person, as far as we can tell. He was probably just a bit of a plugger, a rather straightforward man who was chiefly concerned with carrying out his divine commission to the letter…

…As I have studied Joshua, I have become convinced that this is a message very much needed in our time. We have many professing Christians…but we do not seem to have many Joshuas.” This quote by James Montgomery Boice shows the relevancy of the book. If that doesn’t interest you, at least you will get to know what that verse in the men’s bathroom means.

Teachers: Mark Estes & Chris Hampton
Topic: The Book of Joshua
Hosts: Steve and Lynn Hesse
Location: Lower Level