Help Wanted

Where are you gifted?

People are often most effective when used in areas where they are gifted.  Let us know what skills you have so when a need arises, we can match that need with those who can help.

Looking for a way to serve right now?  We always have need for people to help out in a wide variety of ways.  Here are a few that we need right now.

Sound and Projection

Our sound and projection team is looking for new members. This critical role often goes unnoticed, but all of our worship includes it. Please consider your possible service with this team.


Ushers are needed. Can you help? Ask an usher for more information!


Greeters are needed. Can you help? Call the office at 610.286.6790 for more information!

Children's Ministry

Volunteers are greatly appreciated, and opportunities exist with infants, 2-year-olds, PreK, and Children’s Worship, particularly during the worship hour.  Would you take a periodic shift to give others the opportunity to worship?

Important information regarding Children's & Youth Ministry security clearances

Brick Lane, in accordance with Pennsylvania law, requires volunteers who work with children and/or youth to obtain the following background clearances, to be repeated every 5 years. Below you will find the required links, some requiring you to create an account. Once reports are generated, having the accounts allows you continued access to them as needed. Please make sure that Brick Lane has a hard copy of each report or certificate: Deliver in a sealed envelope to Pastor Al Kimball either personally, by mail, or place in his church mailbox. Thank you! Your ministry to our young people is greatly appreciated.

Criminal Background Check (Pennsylvania)

Child Abuse History Check (Pennsylvania) (this one requires creating an account, and logging in & out a bit in the process. Keep your login information in a safe place, because you may need to get back into the account in the future.)

FBI Background Check & Fingerprinting (This is only required for those who have not resided in Pennsylvania consistently for a minimum of 10 years.  There is a fee, for which the church is willing to reimburse. You will have to visit an approved fingerprint vendor.  See list HERE.) 

Copy this code: 1KG6ZJ
Paste it into the appropriate box on this PAGE to start the registration process.

Training for recognizing and reporting suspected child abuse (also referred to as Mandated Reporter Training) The new PA law declares anyone who works regularly with children to be a Mandated Reporter. This will take about 3 hours to complete, but can be stopped and started without losing your progress. Please bring certificate of completion to Dawn or Al Kimball. Completion is not required in order to begin serving, but must be completed as soon as you can manage.  Thank you!