Braving the Rain at the Elverson Parade

Last Thursday, our church participated in the Elverson Parade with a Noah’s Ark float!  Len and Ruthie Noble were Mr. and Mrs. Noah as they supervised tigers, monkeys, zebras, butterflies, bees, sheep, cats, dogs, elephants, chickens, frogs, raccoons, foxes, and a cow.  Bob Shirey graciously loaned his trailer, supplied a barn for the construction phase, and pulled the float during the parade.  Our grand vessel won 2nd place in our division. 

In keeping with the parade’s theme of “Down on the Farm”, the following description was submitted to the judges’ booth with help from the Jesus Storybook Bible:

A long time ago, people were mean and violent to each other.  Almost everyone cared only for themselves and they never thought about God.  Sadness was everywhere.  God decided to wash away all the hate. A man named Noah obeyed God by building a big boat and gathering a pair of all the animals in the world into this large ark, like a farm.  God caused it to rain for 40 days and for 40 nights, but he kept Noah, his family, and all the animals in the ark safe. It was down on the farm on the ark.  When the rain stopped, God promised to never destroy the world in the same way again and he gave people a sign of his promise, the rainbow.  At Community Evangelical Free Church in Elverson, we celebrate that God continues to rescue his people through his Son, Jesus Christ.  For God so loved the world that he aimed his bow at his own heart so that you might have life today.