A Better December

Tired of the holiday rat race? Know someone who's really struggling at this time of year? King Solomon did, too.  Despite living hundreds of years before Christ was born, Solomon's wisdom in the book of Proverbs speaks in a remarkable way to the pressures of December in the 21st century.

Written by pastor Steve Estes and beautifully illustrated by CEFC member Sarah Bland-Halulko, A Better December explores in a brief and easy-to-read way what Solomon has to say, and how Scripture points to "someone greater than Solomon" as truly the best thing that could possibly happen at Christmas.

CEFC has 100 copies of A Better December available at a great price. Whether looking for a copy for yourself, or as a gift to give to someone else, please contact the church office to reserve yours today.  Also available from New Growth Press.

Here’s a book like you’ve never read before. It meets us at the intersection of ancient biblical wisdom and the dreams, struggles, and disappointments that are part of our Christmas season. With humor, poignancy, and clarity Estes demonstrates that Solomon knew things about our holidays that we all need to know. With the help of Solomon, Estes shows you how you can have a Christmas that actually matches the message of the season you are celebrating.
— Paul Tripp, Paul Tripp Ministries; best-selling author of books on Christian living