Vine & Branches Scholarship Seminar

As CEFC has many people currently pursuing higher education or planning to attend college or grad school in the future, the question of how to cover the cost is on many families' minds. The video below is a revised version of a seminar that Jere Scott Bradshaw originally gave at Conestoga Christian School, and we hope it will be helpful to anyone attending college as they prepare for a life of Jesus Christ.

As I prepared for school, my fear about paying for the cost of the education led me to have a sleepless night. “How can I navigate these next years when I can’t even put my head down tonight?” Over the next few years God showed me that I needed more that financial assistance, I needed to know the Gospel better. This video is a summary of what the Lord taught me during my studies outside of the classroom.
— Jere Scott Bradshaw

As you watch the video, you may find the notes in the PDF below to be helpful.