Young Adults



Vine & Branches

Vine & Branches seeks to connect young adults to Christ as we abide in Him.  This active and growing community of young people lives, worships, studies the Bible, serves, fellowships and welcomes newcomers.  We also enjoy meals together whenever possible.

Every Young Adult is welcome to attend Vine & Branches Sunday School, starting at 10:45 AM across the field in the Barn, also known as the Community Center in Summerfield (relocating to Area 71:17 (our old sanctuary) after Easter). Topics, classes and fellowship time are structured to welcome anyone who joins us for the first time. Regular participants greet guests, provide snackage, brew fresh coffee and often lead in study and in prayer. There is always a place for you here.

Join us a we study the Westminster Confession of Faith. 

Other than the inspired Word of God, itself, these confessional documents are held "as containing the system of doctrine taught in the Holy Scriptures," and it includes doctrines common to Christendom such as: Holy Scriptures, the Trinity and Predestination, Covenant theology, Christ's Mediation and Free Will. Salvation, Law, Christian Liberty and Worship, Civil Government and Marriage, The Church, Sacraments and other points of the Christian faith, each worked out and supported with scriptural proofs.  

All are welcome to join our classes which will include both presentation and discussion.  This is an excellent class to attend, and to bring a friend and hear about the very foundational truths that make up the faith, your faith.  You can count on being amazed, perhaps confounded, and ultimately edified to see anew how God's Word is indeed His gift to man to know Him, whom to know is life eternal.

It is said that it took over 5 years to write the Westminster Confession of Faith - we will however spend the next several months on this topic - with Tyler Estes leading.